Benefits of Touch Typing Skills

Computers, they’re everywhere and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Many of the tasks that we used to perform with a pen and a pad of paper are now being done on our computers, laptops and PDA’s. Everything from sending emails, writing reports, even scheduling our workdays is going digital. Do you know how touch typing could help you with these tasks?

It used to be that touch typing was a skill reserved for courtroom stenographers, transcriptionists and maybe a few writers. But, in today’s digital age all that’s changed. Touch typing is now a skill that anyone can learn and with regular practice can be quickly and easily mastered. So, why learn touch typing?

Typing Speed

Touch typing can drastically improve your typing speed. Maybe you have been using the hunt and peck method all of your life or some variation of placing all 10 fingers on the keyboard. Either way, these methods are incredibly slow compared to touch typing. Using a program like TypingMaster Online can help improve your typing speed dramatically in a short period of time. Not only does this skill make you more attractive to employers, but it will help you become more efficient and can save you time as well.


Think about this: if you are currently typing 20 words per minute (wpm) that means it would take you on average about 30 minutes to type up a one page document. Factor in time to think about what you want to say and the time it takes to start and stop if you need to look at the keyboard and you could be looking at close to an hour to get that task done.

By learning touch typing, you could boost your typing speed to 40wpm or even 60wpm and drastically cut down the amount of time it takes you to do even the most simple tasks. Not only will you become more efficient, but you will also be able to direct your focus to where it counts.


Think about every time you have to look at the keyboard to find the right key. Or, maybe you find yourself constantly making mistakes and having to go back and make corrections as you type.

Each time this happens, it breaks your focus and become distracted. Touch typing can teaches you to rely on motor memory rather than sight to type, freeing you up to direct your focus on the screen instead of the keyboard.


If you spend a significant amount of time at a desk, in front of a computer then you probably know that sitting and typing can take a toll on your body. Achy shoulders, stiff neck and sore wrists are some of the side effects of poor posture and bad computer habits.

As you learn the proper way to sit and cultivate better habits, your arms and shoulders will relax and your energy levels will stay consistent throughout the day. Touch typing isn’t just about increasing your typing speed and reducing errors, it’s about adopting healthy computer habits to reduce the risk of injury and provide increased comfort.

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